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As usual, no matter the place we are, if we have the internet connection, we are working on our project- onlineunlocks.com

Lots of orders to process and verify while this made our day feel like we would stay and enjoy this place as much as we need, not just 4 days.

So we managed our project’s objectives and afterward we went to the  city center and enjoyed a long walk within an amazing architecture. We visited the Medieval Museum and passed by the Royal Palace, but decided to admire it more from the outside, and explore further this beautiful city by feet.  Royal Palace Stockholm

The Royal Palace Stockholm

When our feet started to feel heavy, we decided to take a break and return to our place. This way  we managed to put some tasks in order, as many inquiries are made while we are not online.

So after 7 we went in town with a good recommendation our host made for some traditional Swedish meatballs. The best thing while traveling is having the opportunity to try some new and traditional dishes and this place, Nytorget 6, was indeed over our expectations.

Now back to our location and ready to complete some more tasks.

So nice we can work while we travel <3


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