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Why I haven’t written an “about me”page

My name is Ana and I’m studying systemic couple psychotherapy. I am happily married and working beside my husband on the project onlineunlocks.com which is an awesome phone unlocking company.

But this is not all. I am constantly changing myself. I love reading, and observing, traveling or to imagine it, and this is constantly changing me by exposure, imagination or experience. I embrace all that I am, and will be, I appreciate myself with good and bad.
Have you noticed how difficult is to present yourself in a few words, if someone suddenly asks about you? Usually, the first answer brings up the profession, marital status, if you are a parent, daughter and so on. We are presenting ourselves by the importance of the system we are involved in. Sometimes this may be helpful for prioritizing, but what if we just lack the ability to define the barrier for each of those qualities? Do you know when you stop being out of schedule, or a mother, or a child?selfie-in-malta

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