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The non-judgemental perspective

Those weekend days found me reading and focusing more on my psychotherapy career. The more I dive into, the more I love this field. This entire educational time (read : a life-long period) shapes my thoughts and mind. I am educating myself into a non-judgemental perspective, and as easy this would look like, this is not. This is a fundamental condition for my career,  a sine qua non.

I appreciate it as a difficult state of mind, not necessarily in my interaction with others, but versus me feels more detrimental. As I often find myself in a self-observing state and the second moment I start criticizing my actions, what was wrong, and less focus on what was good. For example, I constantly criticize my writing skills, which made me stop this activity for a few days (and postpone starting my blog). And the thing I found about this, is that this mental activity is a reflex, resulting automatically (many years of practice) and I notice it after my attitude/behavior is already influenced by that.

Besides the negative aspect, I think that observing and target the positive leads me to a healthier inner state, prone to creativity and a nonjudgmental position. This brings me to the fact that I need to begin by refocusing my attention on the positive aspect, like a reward, so this may help me grow new skills. This is a great exercise that works in many different areas.

Reminding here the famous A-B-C model, used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where A its the antecedent (the automated critique/observational state), B– follows as a behavior (the reward/focus on the positive) and C is the consequence (a result). The observational skills make easier the trigger’s identification before a behavior or thought. Not to forget about the feedback: Reinforcement (focus on the positive) or Punishment (critique).

Keeping in mind the fact that the behavior followed by a pleasant response (reinforcement) will likely be repeated, this brings on the wanted consequences, in my case better-writing skills. As I said earlier, lots of work to do, but I’m feeling grateful this is my career.

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