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Work-work-work and team building. Today I felt like after a session of family therapy practice, meaning a state of wellbeing. I enjoyed sharing our ideas while working together to find a solution. There will always appear issues  or difficulties. It’s extremely important to learn how to work as a team and this quality will bring more success for everyone, besides other positive results. What a great day!

After lunch, we had to put together a Gersby bookcase from Ikea. I must admit, I’m a big fan of Ikea, and I usually go there online, since we don’t have their shop in our city.  Unfortunately, we had to return another piece of this model because it was damaged while being shipped, and this one was almost lucky, just a scratch that we managed to hide after assembling.

I need to arrange my books as soon as possible because those are ” crying” all together for attention and being on a shelf. Will post a photo when done.

gersby bookcase



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