Sunshine in Paphos

Been traveling for 4 days now and thinking about posting every day. I was thinking about this when I was home too but seems like it’s more interesting to write when I’m in a variety of places, getting inspired by every moment. In the same time, I am afraid that I may want to do this for my entire life, this nice feels like.

Woke by the desire to see the sunshine, this experience reminded me of the childhood mornings when I was going to the farm’s land with my grandparents and we were supposed to be there before the sunshine, so the grass would be easier to be organized and prepared for the winter. This way the farm’s animals would have what to eat in the winter and rest of the year. I remember thinking about the marvelous sunshine and sunset and I was a bit disappointed that for catching such a beautiful moment we had to wake up so early. But this amazing moment deserved the effort and became a strong motivator for me, beside an energizer.

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