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Inspiration and thoughts

Botanical garden

Those days I’ve been working a lot on onlineunlocks and didn’t quite had enough to time to post.

But today we decided to take a break and went to the Botanical Garden. It’s a really nice green place of Iasi, where you may enjoy some fresh air, see some interesting plant species or just stay in nature with a book.We really love to connect with nature and recharge our batteries this way. Too bad we don’t this more often.

Also, today had my first educational session in a therapist identity. I must say, I have the best teacher ever! Sometimes it is just difficult to recognize inside me the abilities I already have for this profession, but she showed me today that I am more than I expected in this direction. That session helped me to value myself more than before, and every single moment I felt like that was a great conversation to have, with someone who’s the best in this field. Really appreciate having this experience.


botanical garden


Botanical Garden Iasi


Everyday life and career

Team building

Work-work-work and team building. Today I felt like after a session of family therapy practice, meaning a state of wellbeing. I enjoyed sharing our ideas while working together to find a solution. There will always appear issues  or difficulties. It’s extremely important to learn how to work as a team and this quality will bring more success for everyone, besides other positive results. What a great day!

After lunch, we had to put together a Gersby bookcase from Ikea. I must admit, I’m a big fan of Ikea, and I usually go there online, since we don’t have their shop in our city.  Unfortunately, we had to return another piece of this model because it was damaged while being shipped, and this one was almost lucky, just a scratch that we managed to hide after assembling.

I need to arrange my books as soon as possible because those are ” crying” all together for attention and being on a shelf. Will post a photo when done.

gersby bookcase



Inspiration and thoughts

Happy Sunday

This Sunday was a “traditional” rest day, with very little work in the morning (more in the afternoon 🙂 We had enough time to go out and have a lemonade, and to spend some nice time while planning our next week. I’m so happy that I have started my education in family therapy, so much that I don’t have enough words to express this. It’s almost a year now since our first class and I’m very excited about this field, study group, and teacher. This September will participate in classes and I’m so happy to take part and learn more about this amazing profession. Also, soon I will begin my personal therapy as a stage of my family therapy education, and I have butterflies in my stomach 😀 Until then I will just read and apply what I find out to suit me.

Family therapy education

Everyday life and career

Decision-making trick

I’ve prepared earlier today some meat for cooking and suddenly, this evening I remembered about the burger we had in Bucharest before our flight. So I’ve done my best to cook the best burgers I’ve ever made.  It also felt like a therapeutic experience. I didn’t tell my husband about it, because who knows?  Maybe he will want to be in charge for this and I really like to cook, sometimes.

While I was in the NLP class this year, our teacher told us about this trick. When we have to decide on something that induces a conflict inside us,or any decision, it’s a good idea to take our mind out of that activity and do something relaxing, like reading, cooking, organizing or cleaning(or any other relaxing, but attention consuming). All those activities work great for me, and for my family too. I must admit that I don’t have to take so many decisions every day, but when it happens, our house gets cleaned, organized and fresh food. Sometimes even moving furniture brings the same effect, and I have some small pieces of furniture that I’m reorganizing. This facilitates creativity and a good mood, making us more productive. Therefore, the best option will get your attention more easily, then if you would stay and ruminate over and over the same idea. This happened today for me while I was cooking, many plans got redesigned. I’m feeling great this evening.


Sleepy day

We had a  transit night – at 1 am arrived in Bucharest, went to a hotel in the nearby for 5 hours and then headed back to the morning flight. When we arrived at our sweet home, we decided to just take a nap. And had a nap till 3 pm…pfff. Starting our inner engines with some large coffee, and hopefully, this schedule didn’t destroy our night sleep.


Sweets and flight

Packed our stuff and headed to old city for a fika (we are getting used to this 🙂 We’ve  found a nice place called Gramunken, with some delicious Nutella cookies. While enjoying my fika, all I was thinking was that only if I could cook something like that, or just let the best chefs do their thing. People knowing my cooking skills would suggest to let others make the art 😀 Hmmm, dilemma…

Those few days passed on so fast, that made me feel like I need to return here and just stay longer. In the same time a part of me misses home ( I mean, come on soul, it’s been just 3 days, wtf?!) 


Last night in Sweden

Started to rain in the afternoon, and since the weather was not the best for exploring the city, we decided to stay inside  and work a few hours.(workaholics)

Tomorrow it’s our last day in Sweden and this place already made us feel like home. We could easily live here (only if we could speak the language, but English works too). People, nature, the ecological aspect followed by this country, food, the entire experience enriched us before returning home. I hope to return someday and stay longer.