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Decision-making trick

I’ve prepared earlier today some meat for cooking and suddenly, this evening I remembered about the burger we had in Bucharest before our flight. So I’ve done my best to cook the best burgers I’ve ever made.  It also felt like a therapeutic experience. I didn’t tell my husband about it, because who knows?  Maybe he will want to be in charge for this and I really like to cook, sometimes.

While I was in the NLP class this year, our teacher told us about this trick. When we have to decide on something that induces a conflict inside us,or any decision, it’s a good idea to take our mind out of that activity and do something relaxing, like reading, cooking, organizing or cleaning(or any other relaxing, but attention consuming). All those activities work great for me, and for my family too. I must admit that I don’t have to take so many decisions every day, but when it happens, our house gets cleaned, organized and fresh food. Sometimes even moving furniture brings the same effect, and I have some small pieces of furniture that I’m reorganizing. This facilitates creativity and a good mood, making us more productive. Therefore, the best option will get your attention more easily, then if you would stay and ruminate over and over the same idea. This happened today for me while I was cooking, many plans got redesigned. I’m feeling great this evening.


Sleepy day

We had a  transit night – at 1 am arrived in Bucharest, went to a hotel in the nearby for 5 hours and then headed back to the morning flight. When we arrived at our sweet home, we decided to just take a nap. And had a nap till 3 pm…pfff. Starting our inner engines with some large coffee, and hopefully, this schedule didn’t destroy our night sleep.


Sweets and flight

Packed our stuff and headed to old city for a fika (we are getting used to this 🙂 We’ve  found a nice place called Gramunken, with some delicious Nutella cookies. While enjoying my fika, all I was thinking was that only if I could cook something like that, or just let the best chefs do their thing. People knowing my cooking skills would suggest to let others make the art 😀 Hmmm, dilemma…

Those few days passed on so fast, that made me feel like I need to return here and just stay longer. In the same time a part of me misses home ( I mean, come on soul, it’s been just 3 days, wtf?!) 


Last night in Sweden

Started to rain in the afternoon, and since the weather was not the best for exploring the city, we decided to stay inside  and work a few hours.(workaholics)

Tomorrow it’s our last day in Sweden and this place already made us feel like home. We could easily live here (only if we could speak the language, but English works too). People, nature, the ecological aspect followed by this country, food, the entire experience enriched us before returning home. I hope to return someday and stay longer.



Fika and a cemetery

After breakfast and working a few hours, we decided to visit the area of Lidingö near Stockholm. The interesting thing was that we didn’t really study very much the best interesting points in Lidingö so we went to that direction and let the GPS take us there, and surprise us.

We took the bus to the city center of Lidingö and then we walked to what seemed to be interesting and lots of greenery on our GPS map. So, that was a cemetery. And we found out when we got there that Lidingö kyrkogård does not mean a park just because the map was green 🙂 Anyway, we walked by its side and found this beautiful  marina. (I could see this as a painting)

So we returned back to Stockholm, just 2.5 km away and had a fika (coffee) by the TripAdvisor’s recommendation at Cafe Schweizer. We actually didn’t try fika in a restaurant till now. So we ordered one there. See the picture,in this place the fika looks like this. Presented in a soup bowl. How do you think we drank it? not with the spoon 😀 and the apple pie was among the best I’ve ever had.

In conclusion, we had fun all day, and the day is not over yet. Will be back!

Everyday life and career

Good food

As we were expecting, we found out a great restaurant which is called Kryp In. Needless to say, we have found many times the best restaurants by using TripAdvisor, and it is a must app on our phone. As I said earlier, in the previous post, maybe I would be able to cook something like that by myself and the google recipes, but there is no chance for me to prepare something even close to what we had. See the picture, but the flavors were amazingly good (see our faces after we finished).

We returned back to our rental and processed the orders we received and I feel like I had a great birthday. All this suited me perfectly!

Everyday life and career

Happy Birthday to me

Today is a special day, my birthday. It feels like a New Year resolution situation when many people ask themselves about their plans and objectives, and about their results to that specific moment.
I started my day with a nice coffee and a croissant- or fikawould be the Swedish term, and worked a few hours on processing some orders. Then my husband was very kind and sweet to help me prepare breakfast, as I usually prepare it, but was really nice to work on this together.

We went in the city searching for the best park Stockholm has, talked a lot about our plans (told you about resolutions-resolutions). We decided to make a list on 100 objectives when we return at home – crazy and accomplishable purposes, and to look at it every morning so we get inspired by those. After making our feets hurt, we returned to our location so we could rest our feet while answering some emails.
I received a lot of nice messages for my birthday and those made my day more special. Thank you all for your thoughts! I’m feeling gratefull for everything.

For tonight we have a nice restaurant reservation I made a few days ago, and I’m excited about trying new good food, and get inspired so I could cook like that someday 🙂


Everyday life and career Travel

Work and travel

As usual, no matter the place we are, if we have the internet connection, we are working on our project- onlineunlocks.com

Lots of orders to process and verify while this made our day feel like we would stay and enjoy this place as much as we need, not just 4 days.

So we managed our project’s objectives and afterward we went to the  city center and enjoyed a long walk within an amazing architecture. We visited the Medieval Museum and passed by the Royal Palace, but decided to admire it more from the outside, and explore further this beautiful city by feet.  Royal Palace Stockholm

The Royal Palace Stockholm

When our feet started to feel heavy, we decided to take a break and return to our place. This way  we managed to put some tasks in order, as many inquiries are made while we are not online.

So after 7 we went in town with a good recommendation our host made for some traditional Swedish meatballs. The best thing while traveling is having the opportunity to try some new and traditional dishes and this place, Nytorget 6, was indeed over our expectations.

Now back to our location and ready to complete some more tasks.

So nice we can work while we travel <3


Inspiration and thoughts Travel

Welcome to Sweden

God morgon! 

It’s an already an amazing sunny day! Made a good coffee- we had luck and the house we rented had the same coffee press as we have at home, and since I have a habit of bringing our own coffee it tasted perfect. 

I’ve read yesterday about how we make other feel by correcting them every time we think it would be better our way, or to avoid a mistake. Sometimes just by observing ourselfs we can notice why some interactions go really well, and build trust, while other times falls apart our purpose. Have your tried to observe yourself today? How you react when something goes wrong? Or right? 

A story about  last night 

We took a metro from Central Station and by mistake we stopped with 3 station before our destination.We were lucky to meet nice people(2 of them offered their help since we were looking like we were lost :)) and we succeeded our journey by walking in the rain at 12 o’clock in the night, and our GPS had different approaches :)) I really enjoyed the “adventure”. The last thing was to find the house keys which the owner hidden in front of the house. As I said, my kind of adventure. 

Everyday life and career

Morning view 

Fast road to the airport, and here we are in Bucharest. Such a pleasant moment to fly in the morning with the sunshine by our side.

We took 2 rides to the nearest shopping center,instead of a taxi, still I think it would have been cheaper by taxi, so good to know for next time. Or maybe we will have more flights from Iasi, because at this moment we have just a few destinations, and the we need to go to Bucharest main aiport and take from there the connection.

Later edit: Spent most time window shopping, as we don’t have any space in our luggages for any other stuff, watched a movie by myself-an interesting experience to laugh alone (it was a comedy movie “Bad moms”)and  I really enjoyed this time. Too bad my husband had some work to do on our project onlineunlocks.com and unfortunately I couldn’t help him with anything, so he could join me at the cinema.

We are waiting for our next flight now, with a mixing of joy and also tiredness, as we slept just 4 hours last night.