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Packing for Sweden

Today packed and organized things for our travel. I’m really excited for this trip, because I’ve wanted for so long to visit Stockholm, and since Ovidiu applied for a scholarship there (got refused because he didn’t have enough study credits) 2 years ago, I had this trip in my mind.
I would still like to move there for a year or two. Hmmm, maybe I will apply this year for a master degree there. Will live and see.
I’ve checked the weather and it’s with 15 Celsius degree colder than our country. Sounds great to be there. Hehe!
Tomorrow we have the flight late in the afternoon, and we go to Bucharest in the morning. That was the only way to get there fast and cheaper than by car. So we have time to go to the mall, meet friends we have there and have fun till we go back for the flight.
Also, I’ve spent some time with my friend Jung and this meant to find a multitude of ways to raise a child, how we get to be influenced for the rest of our lives by simple questions and ambiguous answers we’ve received when we were young.Fotor_147179637224957 (1)



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