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Lazy Saturday

Saturday had a lazy start with the famous coffee, family phone calls, and plans for our next trip to Sweden. I bought a luggage online from emag, and went to bring it from their center, as this had been the best option to get it in time. Don’t understand how I manage to manage this “ little” things for our trips in the last minute because in the beginning of this week I did bought the same luggage from another online shop(cheaper) but they emailed me after 2 days that it wasn’t in their stock anymore. Instead of calling me. Good thing I didn’t pay when ordering.

So when we returned from emag , on our way back home , we stopped  at the marketplace and  bought some grapes.
The thing that I just find out today, when the summer it’s almost gone, is that I like grapes very much.  🙂
All the summer, my husband bought with every single occasion fruits like -strawberries, watermelon, cherries, but those just weren’t the ones. And now, I just can’t wait to have more grapes. Good thing it is their season, and I think this is a reason for their taste. As the usual grapes we find all year round in the supermarket, don’t amaze me.

grapes and lazy saturday

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