How to dangerously visit Paphos

Yesterday we planned to visit Paphos and started by going to Coral bay. We arrived there at around 12, after working a bit in the morning, and we were ready to have a great day. Till I fall on a slippery street on our way to the beach. It’s been a while since I’ve had such a large scratch, and I wasn’t really prepared for this kind of situation, no napkin, no band aid, nothing.
So I had to manage this situation pretty fast  since blood and pain were present. Went for the first time ever to the lifeguard for first aid, he sprayed some disinfectants and he told me that it was nothing, and to go in the sea water because will cure faster. I knew about this kind of treatment but wasn’t “ready emotional” for this. So went to the pharmacy and got some patches, and felt much better with my scratch covered. 
Ovidiu told me to return to the house we rented and spend our afternoon by the poolside, but I didn’t want him to lose some nice vacation time just because I’ve got a scratch. I’ve planned so many nice places to visit, and we had rented a car for this and we went forward.

Sea caves

Firstly we went to see the Sea Caves, where Ovidiu took a nice swim and visited a cave  while I was waiting  on a stone and read while getting tanned.In this time,I was thinking that the days before, I didn’t get so much tan, but today when my knee was all taped, all the tan will be on 🙂

Sea caves

After this, we went to visit Aphrodite’s Baths at around 1 hour from the Sea caves. After getting to the place google pointed as Aphrodite’s Baths, we didn’t know exactly how far it would have been by walking and we went by car, even all the other people left their cars in a parking lot, we said Batman! And went forward.

Bad idea! Really bad idea!
The road was great for a land car, not for our car, an Opel Zafira. But we tried to go by our car, even by the look on other people’s faces we could have been guessed was a bad idea. Actually, I’ve read about a place where just 3 km was a bad road, and then some amazing nature places. It wasn’t that case, but I think my mind tricked me at that exact moment.
So we went to that unpaved road, with just a single lane, waiting when another land car was meeting ours and let them pass. We arrived at a high point with no safety beside the road, a single lane and no place to turn, just to go backward. And the car got stacked. That was the moment I thought it was definitely not a good idea to go by our car. Hopefully, the car rental agency is not reading this. 🙂
So we went slowly-slowly, with some panic moments (inner screaming) and some” told you” look on the people’s faces, that were walking, or going by a land car.
Fortunately, nothing bad happened, we returned to the parking lot and walked to Aphrodite’s bath -which was just 5 min away from the parking lot. It would have been great to know this before but I googled it and didn’t found a thing about this.

Aphrodite’s bath

Paphos panorama

We then returned to Paphos and tried a nice indian restaurant recommended by Tripadvisor. Great for our tasting buds, and our sweaty mind.
End of the day.

 Jayanta Indian Restaurant

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