How to dangerously visit Paphos-Part 2

We went to Latchi beach to rent a boat and unfortunately being a windy day we could have rented just a boat for 7.It would have been nice if we were traveling with some friends, but for then we just decided to walk by in the area.We had lunch and planned to try to find Lara beach because I’ve heard that there was very beautiful and private beach.

I don’t know how we manage this vacation but our adrenaline is rising every day.

Somehow it happened again to got stuck in a sandy place on Lara beach, after driving on a single lane with some dangerous views beside, and some unpaved road.Luckily the moment we got the car wheels deep sank in the sand, we got helped by some nice people who pushed our car after trying many unsuccessful times.



For the rest of the day, we just enjoyed the sun and Ovidiu swam  a lot in the sea.

Lara beach

Lara beach

As always, we’ve done our research for a nice restaurant on Tripadvisor. We found Sienna restaurant, where we ‘ve met a Romanian waiter that told us which were the best choices in the menu so we had a nice culinary experience.

In the evening after working a few hours we decided to watch a movie,”The Constanta Gardener” that made us conscient about drug testing and how the things that help us survive and treat dangerous diseases may also bury us alive.


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