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Happy Birthday to me

Today is a special day, my birthday. It feels like a New Year resolution situation when many people ask themselves about their plans and objectives, and about their results to that specific moment.
I started my day with a nice coffee and a croissant- or fikawould be the Swedish term, and worked a few hours on processing some orders. Then my husband was very kind and sweet to help me prepare breakfast, as I usually prepare it, but was really nice to work on this together.

We went in the city searching for the best park Stockholm has, talked a lot about our plans (told you about resolutions-resolutions). We decided to make a list on 100 objectives when we return at home – crazy and accomplishable purposes, and to look at it every morning so we get inspired by those. After making our feets hurt, we returned to our location so we could rest our feet while answering some emails.
I received a lot of nice messages for my birthday and those made my day more special. Thank you all for your thoughts! I’m feeling gratefull for everything.

For tonight we have a nice restaurant reservation I made a few days ago, and I’m excited about trying new good food, and get inspired so I could cook like that someday 🙂


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