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I’ve prepared earlier today some meat for cooking and suddenly, this evening I remembered about the burger we had in Bucharest before our flight. So I’ve done my best to cook the best burgers I’ve ever made.  It also felt like a therapeutic experience. I didn’t tell my husband about it, because who knows?  Maybe he will want to be in charge for this and I really like to cook, sometimes.

While I was in the NLP class this year, our teacher told us about this trick. When we have to decide on something that induces a conflict inside us,or any decision, it’s a good idea to take our mind out of that activity and do something relaxing, like reading, cooking, organizing or cleaning(or any other relaxing, but attention consuming). All those activities work great for me, and for my family too. I must admit that I don’t have to take so many decisions every day, but when it happens, our house gets cleaned, organized and fresh food. Sometimes even moving furniture brings the same effect, and I have some small pieces of furniture that I’m reorganizing. This facilitates creativity and a good mood, making us more productive. Therefore, the best option will get your attention more easily, then if you would stay and ruminate over and over the same idea. This happened today for me while I was cooking, many plans got redesigned. I’m feeling great this evening.

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