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Inspiration and thoughts

Inspiration and thoughts

The non-judgemental perspective

Those weekend days found me reading and focusing more on my psychotherapy career. The more I dive into, the more I love this field. This entire educational time (read : a life-long period) shapes my thoughts and mind. I am educating myself into a non-judgemental perspective, and as easy this would look like, this is not. This is a fundamental condition for my career,  a sine qua non.

I appreciate it as a difficult state of mind, not necessarily in my interaction with others, but versus me feels more detrimental. As I often find myself in a self-observing state and the second moment I start criticizing my actions, what was wrong, and less focus on what was good. For example, I constantly criticize my writing skills, which made me stop this activity for a few days (and postpone starting my blog). And the thing I found about this, is that this mental activity is a reflex, resulting automatically (many years of practice) and I notice it after my attitude/behavior is already influenced by that.

Besides the negative aspect, I think that observing and target the positive leads me to a healthier inner state, prone to creativity and a nonjudgmental position. This brings me to the fact that I need to begin by refocusing my attention on the positive aspect, like a reward, so this may help me grow new skills. This is a great exercise that works in many different areas.

Reminding here the famous A-B-C model, used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, where A its the antecedent (the automated critique/observational state), B– follows as a behavior (the reward/focus on the positive) and C is the consequence (a result). The observational skills make easier the trigger’s identification before a behavior or thought. Not to forget about the feedback: Reinforcement (focus on the positive) or Punishment (critique).

Keeping in mind the fact that the behavior followed by a pleasant response (reinforcement) will likely be repeated, this brings on the wanted consequences, in my case better-writing skills. As I said earlier, lots of work to do, but I’m feeling grateful this is my career.

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Inspiration and thoughts

Botanical garden

Those days I’ve been working a lot on onlineunlocks and didn’t quite had enough to time to post.

But today we decided to take a break and went to the Botanical Garden. It’s a really nice green place of Iasi, where you may enjoy some fresh air, see some interesting plant species or just stay in nature with a book.We really love to connect with nature and recharge our batteries this way. Too bad we don’t this more often.

Also, today had my first educational session in a therapist identity. I must say, I have the best teacher ever! Sometimes it is just difficult to recognize inside me the abilities I already have for this profession, but she showed me today that I am more than I expected in this direction. That session helped me to value myself more than before, and every single moment I felt like that was a great conversation to have, with someone who’s the best in this field. Really appreciate having this experience.


botanical garden


Botanical Garden Iasi


Inspiration and thoughts

Happy Sunday

This Sunday was a “traditional” rest day, with very little work in the morning (more in the afternoon 🙂 We had enough time to go out and have a lemonade, and to spend some nice time while planning our next week. I’m so happy that I have started my education in family therapy, so much that I don’t have enough words to express this. It’s almost a year now since our first class and I’m very excited about this field, study group, and teacher. This September will participate in classes and I’m so happy to take part and learn more about this amazing profession. Also, soon I will begin my personal therapy as a stage of my family therapy education, and I have butterflies in my stomach 😀 Until then I will just read and apply what I find out to suit me.

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Inspiration and thoughts Travel

Welcome to Sweden

God morgon! 

It’s an already an amazing sunny day! Made a good coffee- we had luck and the house we rented had the same coffee press as we have at home, and since I have a habit of bringing our own coffee it tasted perfect. 

I’ve read yesterday about how we make other feel by correcting them every time we think it would be better our way, or to avoid a mistake. Sometimes just by observing ourselfs we can notice why some interactions go really well, and build trust, while other times falls apart our purpose. Have your tried to observe yourself today? How you react when something goes wrong? Or right? 

A story about  last night 

We took a metro from Central Station and by mistake we stopped with 3 station before our destination.We were lucky to meet nice people(2 of them offered their help since we were looking like we were lost :)) and we succeeded our journey by walking in the rain at 12 o’clock in the night, and our GPS had different approaches :)) I really enjoyed the “adventure”. The last thing was to find the house keys which the owner hidden in front of the house. As I said, my kind of adventure. 

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Packing for Sweden

Today packed and organized things for our travel. I’m really excited for this trip, because I’ve wanted for so long to visit Stockholm, and since Ovidiu applied for a scholarship there (got refused because he didn’t have enough study credits) 2 years ago, I had this trip in my mind.
I would still like to move there for a year or two. Hmmm, maybe I will apply this year for a master degree there. Will live and see.
I’ve checked the weather and it’s with 15 Celsius degree colder than our country. Sounds great to be there. Hehe!
Tomorrow we have the flight late in the afternoon, and we go to Bucharest in the morning. That was the only way to get there fast and cheaper than by car. So we have time to go to the mall, meet friends we have there and have fun till we go back for the flight.
Also, I’ve spent some time with my friend Jung and this meant to find a multitude of ways to raise a child, how we get to be influenced for the rest of our lives by simple questions and ambiguous answers we’ve received when we were young.Fotor_147179637224957 (1)