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Botanical garden

Those days I’ve been working a lot on onlineunlocks and didn’t quite had enough to time to post.

But today we decided to take a break and went to the Botanical Garden. It’s a really nice green place of Iasi, where you may enjoy some fresh air, see some interesting plant species or just stay in nature with a book.We really love to connect with nature and recharge our batteries this way. Too bad we don’t this more often.

Also, today had my first educational session in a therapist identity. I must say, I have the best teacher ever! Sometimes it is just difficult to recognize inside me the abilities I already have for this profession, but she showed me today that I am more than I expected in this direction. That session helped me to value myself more than before, and every single moment I felt like that was a great conversation to have, with someone who’s the best in this field. Really appreciate having this experience.


botanical garden


Botanical Garden Iasi


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