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I had an upset stomach for 2 days in a row, and I’m feeling exhausted about it. Hope this is not a gluten intolerance, because I’ve been reading about this and looks a lot like it would be. And because I could not do so many things today, I had tried a mental activity I was doing in my Erasmus year. This activity is listening and reading at the same time with a faster speed. I use a program called naturalreaders  and it helps me concentrate better and read more pages than I would usually do. Sometimes (like today) its feels so difficult to concentrate for a longer time, and this method just makes it much easier for me. I discovered this when I was preparing my exams in France, and this also helped me with my pronunciation, while learning faster, and understanding more easier.

Below it’s a nice car I saw yesterday. Looks like a toy 😀 This made me curious and I searched on their facebook and it’s about a company that helps young drivers gain courage and skills for driving. Sounds interesting!

curaj la volan

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