​Last day in Cyprus 

We managed some working hours, lunch and then we had to patiently wait for the leaving hour, by the poolside. This doesnt sounds like a difficult thing to do, but we had some issues with just laying under the sun and waiting. We just couldn’t find our place, and I couldn’t focus on reading. I feel like every time I go to a different place,or even returning home, I feel the energy of this change far earlier and this creates enthusiasm and planning ideas. I like to travel and make changes as often as possible, and this drives my creativity to higher levels.I feel richer after each experience.
Now I can’t wait to get home and put some things in order, have our good coffee in the morning and soon some “back to sport” time.
This was our 2nd time in Cyprus and we really enjoyed  each our vacation.It’s nice to recognize vacation places and know the hidden gems.
Hopefully will return next year for a few days.

Next stop: Romania

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